Before & After

Kitchen Junk Drawer

Teenage Girl's Bedroom

Two Hall Closets

These two closets are on either side of the entry way. We did purge quite a bit but we also swapped items out in each closet including the over the door shoe organizer. 




We added some very simple yet incredibly useful shelving in the top half of the left hand closet shown in the top pictures. This offered a 'drop zone' for the children's belongings behind closed doors.







We also added one shelf in the top of the Right Hand Closet shown in the bottom pictures. This allowed for two return bins: one for "store returns" and one for "friend returns" so there would be a place to put things while waiting to return them.




You may notice that we ended up swapping the placement of the vaccumms and the 2 black rolling carts to allow for easy access to all items. 


Left Hand Closet - Before
Left Hand Closet - After
Right Hand Closet - Before
Right Hand Closet - After

Home School Room 

Kitchen Pantry