S.I.M.P.L.Y. Organized in Six Steps (pt 3 of 6)

In this series we will take you through a simple Six Step method of organization that virtually anyone can follow and be successful. So far we have explored step #1 Start with a Purpose and step #2 Identify Your Stuff. Our next step is:

M – Move it out

At this point you should have gone through every single item in the area in which you are working. Stop and take a look around you. You should have four containers labeled KEEP, RELOCATED, TOSS and DONATE. In addition you should have some piles of things that will go back into the space in which you are working. Don’t worry about how much is in each container.

At this point it you have even 5% of your things removed from the KEEP piles then you are making progress. Way to go!

All of the items in the RELOCATE container are staying in your house. Don’t stress about those items. If you really want them back in the area you are working on right now, then move them back in a week or two, if you see it works better housed in that space.

However, while this might be the easiest container to get to work on, don’t be tempted to go put these items away right now. It will be too easy for you to get sidetracked and not come back to the task at hand for another couple of hours. Instead, put this container in another room and plan put these items away when you are finished with this project.

The TOSS container is likely to not cause you too much anxiety.

If it is really not useable in its present condition to you or to anyone else (hence why it is not in the DONATE container) then why are you keeping it? If you have a hair straightener that only heats on the top and you still have it, thinking to use it in a pinch, but you also already bought a replacement, then toss the one not working correctly. You really aren’t going to pull it out and use it. (Spoken from experience!) What about the make-up you bought that is the wrong color…toss it. Bag it all up and take it to the trash.

The DONATE container is likely where you are second-guessing yourself.

What about the hair clip that doesn’t quite work with your thick hair but is so cute…

Donate it! You won't wear it!

What about the wool blanket that is warm but every time you use it is itchy and so you put it back on the shelf…

Donate it! You won’t use it!

How about the cute shoes that you paid a lot of money for, but they hurt your feet every time you wear them...

Donate it! You won't miss it!

You can help yourself to overcome much anxiety about never seeing those items again and instead donating them.

Choose a non-profit organization that you can get behind.

If you know you are giving your belongings away to someone who will use them, then it is often less painful emotionally. Go to my Blog page to find my free download of Local Charities for you to donate your items.

There is another way to overcome your apprehension about having spent too much money on an item and never using it or wearing it.

Find consignment stores in your area.

In this way you will earn a bit of cash or store credit to ease the pain. They accept used clothing, toys and furniture and sometimes buy it outright from you.

For now, if you are sure you just want to donate them all, then bag them up and label them ‘DONATE’ and move those bags directly to your vehicle. There is no point in letting them linger around. The next time you are out, you can drop them off at the donation center and always remember to get your tax-deductible receipt.

Now when you look around, all you have left is the items you are actually choosing to give a home to in the area in which you are working. By moving those other items you, you have cleaned up your visual space so you can actually see what you have left. Now is the time to go get a cup of coffee or a drink of water. Take a 5-minute break. When you come back, we will begin to plan out your new space so that it is functional and beautiful.

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