S.I.M.P.L.Y. Organized Six Steps (pt 5 of 6)

As you continuing reading this series of blog posts, you should be able to see some fantastic results. So far, we have explored step #1 Start with a Purpose, step #2 Identify Your Stuff, step #3 Move It Out, and step #4 Plan Your Space. Our next step is:

L – Label everything

This is probably the second most difficult step, right after getting started. This step is not difficult because it is hard, but rather it is difficult because it seems pointless. You just spent a great deal of time sorting through everything, purging many items, planning your space, and putting everything away…right?

So, obviously you know where everything goes… right? And visually you can see what is in each basket and it will be easy for you to put more of the same there the next time…right?

Actually, this is one of the most important steps to maintaining your system and make it last.

In a few months when there are a couple of empty containers, will you remember which items go where? You shouldn’t have to. That is not important information that should be taking up space in your mind when there is an easy solution right at your fingertips.

And what about the other members of your family…will they instinctively know where everything belongs without the labels? I don’t know how many times I have opened the fridge to put the just purchased gallon of milk inside, only to find that someone else has placed something on the door where the milk belongs.

If there is an empty space and it isn’t labeled…someone will fill it.

The labeling step is key to helping your brain move onto other things in life and helping the rest of your family join you in this new venture of organization. Labeling is crucial, and can be beautiful as well.

It can be as simple as handmade labels or you can purchase fancy labels. You can use chalkboard labels and use chalk to change the label as needed. You can use white board tape and create labels using white board markers. There are also labels that can be ironed onto fabric. Also label makers can often be purchased rather inexpensively and then you can really go crazy labeling everything.

I can’t stress enough to not overlook this key component of the 6-step system. Without labels, your organizing job will last for a while, but soon it will fall into disarray.

Labeling the containers makes it official and formal. It tells everyone exactly what the plan is that they should be following. The rest of your family, who never had the privilege of thinking through the organizational plan like you did, will thank you for giving them directions through labels without nagging.

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