3 Keys to Clean Bathrooms

Have you ever thought you should clean the bathroom, but by the time you gather all of the necessary supplies and do a few other things along the way, you have lost your window of opportunity to get the job done? Of course, there is always the case of the procrastinator who just doesn’t want to do the job. But today we will discuss the 3 keys to clean bathrooms.

Reason #1 – Right Cleaners

It seems like every day companies come out with new miracle cleaners. Some products are so specialized that they are pronounced as the miracle cure for the one particular cleaning need. Others are so general that they claim to do everything under the sun. The problem is that we get persuaded to buy something only to find it still sitting in our cabinet a year or two later barely used. Maybe it didn’t work as great as they said, or maybe we forgot what they said it would work on, but each time we go into that space to pick it up and use it, we instead reach for the other cleaner that we have been using for years. Therefore, each time you walk into that space it requires you to spend mental energy to make a decision or to rethink about why you choose what you choose.

Instead you should clear out the clutter in the cleaning cabinet and clear out the clutter in your mind regarding the decision of which cleaner to use. Take a few minutes to decide what cleaners you really use. If you could only choose a few cleaners, what would they be and why? Once you narrow it down to a select few then you should get rid of the others that are just taking up physical space and mental energy. Your best option for getting grid of cleaning products is to donate them. Food stamps can’t be used for cleaners and cleaners are expensive. Even if they are half used, donate them anyway. Once you have the right cleaners for you, you are well on your way to cleaning the bathroom.

Reason #2 – Right Tools

Many of the same principles apply with the tools you are using for the job. Do you always have to go down stairs to get a cloth to use or maybe a scrub brush? Is the toilet bowl brush always in the other bathroom? And what about your favorite broom or mop. Does it fit behind the toilet or do you have to wrestle with it every cleaning? Having the right tools for the job makes the job easier, faster, and just all around less likely for you to avoid.

Some of the standard tools are a cleaning cloth, scrub brush for the toilet, old toothbrush for cleaning in the corners, and paper towels for mirrors. I actually keep baby wipes in my bathroom for quick cleanings. Having the right tools will make the difference between you doing the job quickly or trying to avoid the job altogether.

Reason #3 – Right Location

Most people put all of their cleaning supplies in one place. Maybe that location is under the kitchen sink or maybe in the laundry room or possibly even in the garage. Wherever your place is, you need to think about how many cleaners you have stored there. Is it hard to find what you are looking for? Do bottles always get knocked over in your search for something else? How far do you have to walk from the cleaner to the point of use? These are all clues that you should change your system. The most efficient method of use for anything is to store it at the point of use. In that way it is always right there where you need it, and when you need it, and you don’t have to search for it or walk across the house for it.

The bathroom is no different. You need to create a cleaning station in each of your bathrooms. Choose your favorite cleaner or two, a cloth, some paper towels, toilet brush and maybe a floor brush or a couple of items that you use all the time. Then you need to find a basket or container of some sort to hold everything under the sink or in the closet. I don’t usually place seldom used, but necessary, items in the bathrooms such as Drano or CLR (used to remove hard water deposits). I only place the regularly used cleaning supplies in the bathroom; the ones I use every week.

Once you take the time to clear out all of your superfluous cleaners, decide what are he exact tools you like best, and then place them in the bathroom so that they are easily accessible, you will find that half of the stress of cleaning the bathroom is gone. Organizing is all about creating systems so that you can think less about the mundane details of things you deal with all the time and instead you can easily complete the task at hand so that you have more time to do the things you love. Creative ideas…Simple solutions…Free to Live.

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