Could your audience benefit from getting their home, their office, or their time organized? After attending one of our organizing presentations, your participants will be motivated to go home and put into action what they have just heard. Mead has a way of combining real-life humor with encouraging and practical information that leaves you energized and wanting to go home to implement the information immediately. She draws from personal stories, connects with her audience, and motivates them to go do the hard things without falling prey to being overwhelmed before they even begin. Your guests will leave with a plethora of information which they can act on immediately to de-clutter and organize their time management systems, their kitchens, offices, closets, laundry rooms and just about any other space they can dream of. 


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  ~ 6 Simple Steps To Organize Any Space

        This presentation will take you step-by-step through the activity of organizing almost anything from a busy schedule to a packed closet to an overflowing room, and in the process help you to overcome the many show-stopping hurdles you face along the way. We will start with a fun but simple quiz to help gauge the ‘organizational temperature’ of the attendees. Then through the use of anecdotes mixed with practicality we will give you the tools you need to go home that evening and succeed at organizing just about anything.


  ~ Turn Your Paper Clutter Into Confetti

     We are all told that we are moving with lightening speed toward a paperless society. If that is true then why do I receive more mail now than I did a decade ago? And why are there mountains of papers all over my desk, kitchen counters, and table?  This session will start with a fun but thought-provoking quiz to help each of us see what kind of processor we are and then we will turn those piles of paperwork into a finely tuned organizational system that is simple to use and that takes the guess work out of each task. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much of the paperwork that is in your homes right now could be shredded and turned into confetti. With the use of real life humor and practical applications, we will give you the tools you need to go home that evening and be successful at turning your paper clutter into confetti.


  ~ Color Coding Family Life 

      Color is known to stimulate your brain and your senses. Red is exciting because it triggers your body to release adrenaline. Yellow is the first color your eye senses. Blue is the most tranquil of all the colors. But, did you know that when used for organizational purposes, color offers a rainbow of possibilities. So much that happens in a household requires re-thinking through things that have already been thought about. The simple concept of using color in your organizational systems helps to reduce time, reduce stress and reduce repetitive decision making on everyday things. Through the use of encouraging stories and down to earth examples, you will take home a plethora of ideas of how you can incorporate color into your household or business organizational systems.


   ~ 7 Steps to Organizing Children’s Chores

     While I am all for child labor laws, I have to draw the line when people don’t require their children to do chores around the house. We will start this session with a quick and enlightening quiz to determine the child-savvy readiness level of those in the room. Next we will move to assessing practically what chores children are really capable of doing. Through the use of humorous anecdotes from a mother of seven wonderful children, the audience will leave with a host of ideas and systems to implement into their own household.   


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