Mead has such a talent for coming in and assessing your organizational needs and she knows the best way to execute her plan. I had such a need to get so many papers and forms organized so I would know how to find them when I needed them and Mead went above and beyond to fulfil that need. If she can come in and sort and organize my mess, I hae no doubt there's not a job too big for Mead to handle.


~ Below are comments from some folks we have recently had the privelege to work alongside. ~


In my desperation to declutter and organize, I researched the internet to see if my city had someone (or company) that specialized in just that. To my surprise, I found Mead Vest, owner of Simply Organized. She scheduled a free consult and provided true and accurate estimates to how long it would take each room or closet that I needed to declutter and organize. When I struggled to make decisions, she offered sound advice without being pushy. Her creative ideas helped me develop a system to keep everything in its place for a very long time. If you find yourself struggling to get and stay organized, I would highly recommend calling Mead Vest with Simply Organized. She was a joy to work with and I believe it was money well spent.  ~  TB in Cleveland, TN

I am so pleased with the organizational skills that Mead Vest brought to my cluttered bookcase! I was most impressed with how much was accomplished in such a short amount of time! I saw a complete disaster that would have taken me weeks to finish. Mead came in with a clear goal and a logical approach to getting to that goal! In one evening she transformed chaos to calm! She helped me to remove the things I did not need to keep and to keep the things that were worth putting back on the shelf. She was polite and very understanding of my situation. I home school and have a large variety of different hobbies that I need to keep books for. As well as my husband has career informational books that he keeps for reference. She was able to take several different topics and organize them on the shelves as well as leaving room for small toddler toys and children's books. I highly recommend Mead Vest for all your organizational needs! She did a fabulous job! I will most definitely have her come back for other projects!  ~  Rachel in Cleveland, TN

I had searched for organizing help for a several months and found people I'm sure are very competent and capable, but for some reason none of them seemed like the right fit for me. When I came across Mead's website I just knew she was the one to help me. 

My issues were more about motivation and willingness to let go of things, and Mead offered encouragement and practical, helpful suggestions without shaming or coercing me. She respected those things that had strong sentimental value to me but also gave me a different perspective on the things I wasn't using. She was affirming to me throughout the process and I was amazed at how much stuff I was willing to release. She also had great suggestions about how to use the space I do have much more effectively and efficiently. 


The sense of peace and relaxation I now have when walking into those rooms is priceless, and it motivates me to continue the process throughout the house. Thank you, Mead, for giving me this kickstart! I hope to see you again in the near future! ~ Debbie in Chattanooga, TN